EFL001 - EdgeFlyte Launch


Mission: Unclassified
Organization: EdgeFlyte

Flight Manifest: DSLR Camera, EFC1, Auxiliary tracking
Launch Date: 4/18/23
Launch Site: Archer Center, Cheyenne, WY (41.152365, -104.653665)
Rise Rate: 6.5 m/s
Burst Altitude: 26,500m
Descent Rate: 22 m/s (parachute failure)
Landing Site: 4mi NWN of Albin, WY (41.480595, -104.070097)

On Tuesday April 18th EdgeFlyte launched a weather balloon near Cheyenne, WY in a mission to gather pictures and video from the edge of space. The payload included a DSLR Camera, EFC1, and a auxiliary tracking unit. The mission was deemed a success upon easy recovery of the payload.

Flight Data: no link


A weather balloon mission launched in Cheyenne, WY by EdgeFlyte captured imagery from the edge-of-space. At 10:00 MST, a DSLR camera was sent onboard a high altitude balloon set to collect imagery. The balloon reached 26,500m before bursting.